Isaiah Richards makes a decision


2019 Big Man Isaiah Richards is officially off the board. The 6’9 center from south shore HS has committed to Florida International University (Conference USA) 

A developing center, Richards is one of the best shot blockers and rebounders in the city. Good luck to Richards and congratulations to his High School coach Shawn Mark.  

Tommy Thomas “You have been warned.”



Tommy Thomas is the #10 ranked player in NYC class of 2019.  Last season Thomas averaged 3.7ppg & 3.5rpg for Wings Academy.  Those numbers will greatly increase this year for the 2nd year varsity player to 20+

I had a chance to ask Thomas 7 Questions.  This is how the rapidly improving forward answered.

Tommy Thomas Q&A


RS: Why haven’t people heard about you for the last 3 years?

TT: I didn't play AAU, so people haven't hear about me for the last 3 years.

RS: Who are some of your favorite players to watch in the nba?

TT: My favorite players to watch are James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

RS: What were your expectations going into hypecity and how do you think you played?

TT: Going into the Hype City game against Long Island Lutheran.  I knew we were the underdogs and we needed to win at any costs.  So, I knew we would perform well and expected myself to have a good game. 

What is your natural position? 

TT: Shooting Guard or Small Forward is my natural position.  

RS: Up by 5 seconds with 1 minute to go.  What’s needed to get a victory? 

TT:Up by 5, be smart with the ball, especially with the clock on our side.  

RS:What are you currently working on to better yourself? 

TT: What i'm currently working on is my handle and off hand.  Also, dunking through physical contact. 

RS:How far do you think this basketball thing can take you?

TT: I think this basketbal thing can take me further than expected.  Most importantly a free education.

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Tommy Thomas (Courtesy 4 tha culture)

Koby Brea "The Performer"



Koby Brea is a 6’4 scoring guard that can score in a multitude of ways.  The 2020 guard from Msgr. Scanlan played very well in the two games (IS8/Hype City) and is looking for this momentum to carry over into the CHSAA Season.

Brea is arguably the best shooter in the city and will be racking up college offers as the season progresses.  

Had a chance to ask Koby Brea 7 Questions and here’s how he answered.  

Koby Brea Q&A


RS: Who are some of the players you pattern your game after?

KB:  I don’t really pattern my game after somebody, I try to be unique and different. I’m a sharpshooter that can put the ball on the floor and always on the lookout for open players.

RS: Why do you love playing basketball so much?

KB:   I love playing basketball so much because it’s a competitive sport and I love competing. 

RS: You had a tough loss in Hype City Preseason Showcase after being up big, what did you learn about yourself and your teammates after that game?

KB:  After the Hype City game I really learned that basketball is a game of runs and so just because you are winning you can’t take it easy, you gotta keep your foot on their throat. I learned about my teammates that we can’t get too high or too low.

RS: What are some of the things you sacrifice doing to become the best?

KB:  Things I sacrifice doing to become the best is basically being a teenager because I don’t really hang out with friends or go to parties or play video games, I try to stay in the gym because I know it’s going to pay off in the long run.

RS:What music are you listening to before a game?

KB: Before games i’m listening to the Drip Harder album.

RS:Platanos or French Fries? 

KB:  French fries are good but I gotta go with plátanos 🤷🏻‍♂️🇩🇴

RS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and how are you going to get there from today and this moment?

KB:  5 years from now I see myself playing D1 basketball or playing basketball professionally, what i’m going to do to get there is continue doing what i’m doing now, WORK!

Koby Brea at Hype City

Hamidou Diallo 19pts & 4assts

NYC Native Hamidou Diallo, is quietly impressing many people that didn't believe he could play at this level after a up and down season at Kentucky.   

Showing an improved jumpshot and high basketball IQ on the offensive and defensive end.  Diallo, is just scratching the surface of what should be a very long NBA Career.  


Jalen Lecque 6'4 (Brewster Academy) verbally committed today to NC State.  Lecque is a Bronx native, played his first few years of High School at Msgr. Scanlan in the Bronx.  Going from unknown to superstar, he then transfered to Christ School NC and onto Powerhouse Brewster Academy (NH).

Lecque is a high energy guard, that plays the game above the rim.  Lecque will excel in NC State new style of basketball that features guard play.    Best wishes to Lecque a NYC native, this season and beyond.  

Brewster Academy Star Jalen Lecque

Jose Cuello "The Puppet Master"



Being ranked #18 in a tough 2020 class is a great accomplishment for Wings Academy PG Jose Cuello.   Cuello a 6’0 point guard from Manhattan with Dominican heritage.   Played part of last season on the J.V. team before moving up to varsity.

Cuello brought positive energy, to a Wings team that wasn't having the season coach Billy Turnage expected.

Gearing up for season number two and mentored by Kim Mejia 4 tha Culture Hoops, Cuello's a high scoring point guard, that welcomes challenges on the offensive and defensive end, without hesitation or fear of failure.

He’s a division one prospect, and another good pg for a school that’s produced too many players to list.  

Cuello looks posied for a solid 2019/20 year at Wings.  The only person capable of consistently stopping cuello is cuello.

Had a Chance to ask Jose Cuello 7 Questions and here’s how he answered.

Jose Cuello aka Bucketfam Jose Q&A


RS: Do you speak fluent Spanish?

JC: Yes, I speak fluent spanish.

RS: How good can wings be this year?

JC: I believe if we play together we can be a city contender team. We have great chemistry and we're working harder than ever!

RS: Who do you listen to before a game?

JC: Before games I listen to Lil Baby.

RS: What book are you currently reading?

JC: Tyrell by Coe Booth 

RS: What’s the most points you ever scored in a game?

JC: 50 points even is my high.

RS: What do you need to improve on to play at a high division one college?

JC: I need to improve my attitude, work on my body and honestly be more vocal and more of a leader on and off the court.

RS:What are the things you give up, to play basketball? 

JC: I give up hanging out with my friends, playing video games for basketball.

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Jose Cuello aka Bucketfam Jose

Anthony Marshall "La Familia de Buckets"


Anthony Marshall is Currently the 6th Rated player in the class of 2020 on

The 6’0 point guard from Metro BDA is one of the biggest mystery’s in NYC.  Dominating opponents from tournament to tournament.  Marshall single handily made everyone wonder, who & what is bucketfam and why is he so popular?

Known as Bucketfam Rome, Marshall depending on who you ask, is either... on his way to stardom or is completely overrated and just a park ball player.  To his credit, his HS team (Metro BDA) went undefeated last year in the PSAL, won a championship, and not only did they win... but every team in the playoffs forfeited and they automatically won the championship.  (Sounds like somebody didn't want to take the losses)

So, I'm going to be on the side of, he's destined for stardom one day.  

Well, here’s 7 questions and hopefully this will give you a better insight on his personality and his vision.

Anthony Marshall aka Bucketfam Rome Q & A

RS: Who are the original members of bucketfam and how did it start?

AM: The original bucketfam members  Posh Alexander, Dashawn Davis,  JC, Doyle and Champagne twin.  Bucketfam started with us thinking about using the name for us to rise together as a family .

RS: How has metro bda helped  you in the classroom and on the basketball court?

AM: Metro Bda continues on helping  me remain focus.  This school has a lot of  support.   This situation works perfect by allowing me to excel and build my name on and off the court in a solid environment.

RS: What is a talent that you have that nobody knows? 

AM: A Talent that I have that nobody really knows is, I can play other sports, and I'm really good at Football.

RS: Who are some NBA guys,  you like watching play?

AM:I like to watch Kyrie, KD, Steph, Taj Gibson and females of course Epiphanny Prince.

RS: If you make it to the  NBA, what is the first thing you would buy?

AM: First thing I'm buying if I make it is a mansion for my father.

RS: What kind of season are  you expecting this year?  

AM: This year we are expecting another ring and of hopefully go undefeated again.

RS: In 5 years, you will  be...

AM: Just entering the NBA Draft

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Anthony Marshall aka Bucketfam Rome

The "Fresh Prince" of Fresh Meadows


Picture Courtesy of


Being blunt isn't usually favorable in this sport. But, it’s one of transparency. Class of 2020 SG Anthony Lopez Jr is special. Standing at 6’3, Lopez projects to be a high major wing, and will possibly be playing for a check down the road. 

He’s the hardest player to rank besides Adama Sanogo in 2021 because of their upside.   I think, Anthony Lopez Jr. will be a stud at the next level and beyond. 

Eventhough he's got a lot of work ahead of himself, I've seen enough to know.. He could possibly be a top 3 player in this class by years end.

Had a chance to ask him some Questions.  Here's how the super talented guard responded.

Anthony Lopez Jr Q & A


RS: What is your nationality? 

AL: African American 

RS: What attracted you to St Francis Prep?

AL:The school is one of the best schools in queens academically and a great place to grow mentally and physically

RS:What’s the difference in your game, between this season and last season?

AL: The biggest difference is my strength and my jumping ability.

RS: What book are you currently reading?

AL: Dracula

RS: What are your expectations for this season?

AL: Our expectations are to win a championship. 

RS: What NBA player do you emulate? 

AL: Penny Hardaway 

RS: you’re up by 7, you have a open dunk with 3 seconds on the clock and you personally have 48pts, what do you do and why?

AL: Part of me would want to throw a windmill, but I'm about showing respect.  So I would definitely hold the ball out. 

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Anthony Lopez JR going strong

Zakai Zeigler "Standing Firm"


Zakai Zeigler is the #15th Ranked Sophomore in the class of 2021.  A creative point guard from long island.  Standing at 5’7 Zeigler is one of the most confident players in the entire class. 

Playing point guard this season for coach Joan Sanchez at Upper Room Christian (L.I.) expect the chatter over his height to diminish as he makes all the players around him better.  

I had a chance to ask Zakai Zeigler 7 Questions... read his answers

Zakai Zeigler Q & A

RS:  What is the meaning of your name?

ZZ:  The meaning of my name Is Strong and Pure

RS: Who are some of the point guards you pattern your game after?

ZZ: I mostly pattern my game after Kyrie Irving. I like the way he attacks the rim, finishes, and how he reacts to his defenders 

RS: What are the advantages of being a small point guard in today’s basketball?ZZ: Some advantages are being quicker than most guards and be able to get into small gaps to facilitate. 

RS: What did you learn playing this summer for The Firm?

ZZ: I learned what is was like to have to be a real Point Guard.   We had a good team, so I  got a bucket when needed.  But really just created for others and I love'd it.

RS:What book are you currently reading?

ZZ: Slam! By: Walter Dean Myers 

RS:How are you going to reach your goal of making it to the NBA?

ZZ: I’m gonna be the hardest worker in the gym no matter where I’m at, I have to get quicker and stronger, and work out everyday non-stop

RS: What are your expectations for this year at Upper Room Christian?

ZZ: The main goal is to go undefeated and beat some key teams such as St.Benedicts, Putnam Science Academy, and WoodStock Academy.

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Zakai Zeigler (No sound needed)

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