Real Scout/Abbo Middle School Invitational Day 5


Friday Night pitted 3 good matchups.  Here is how the night went

Team Uplife Upsets Riverside Church


On paper this matchup didn't look even.  But from the great play of do it all guards Dante Brooks and Gregor Callahan.  Team Uplife upset the mighty Riverside Church.

Riverside Church:1-2

Team Uplife: 1-2

Milbank Beats Riverside


Riverside Church playing back to back, played against the Milbank Flyers led by the Big Fella Jody Frica.   The continued energy of Nazir Rowell and versatility of Jamaury Bailey played a Huge role in Milbank win.  

Milbank: 2-0

Riverside: 1-3

Elmcor Routes Co-op CIty


In the nightcap, a tough Elmcor squad showed they're a Gold Division Level talent.  Defeating Co-Op City Clippers by 21pts.  Big man Jayvon Buckery was too much of a presence in the post for the Clippers and the lefty pg Darnell Childs was making all the right plays.  

Elmcor: 2-0

Co-Op City Clippers: 0-1

Real Scout/Abbo Middle School Invitational Day 4

Elmcor starting out strong


Elmcor for Queens New York, played in the opening game on Sunday at Abbo gym (144th/Lenox Ave) and pulled out a 54-45 win over the Westside Wolves.  Elmcor was led by Darnell Childs and Taj Bryant.  

Elmcor: 1-0

Westside Wolves:0-1

S. Kilpatrick Elite 8th Grade are contenders


The makings of a good squad is when a good game on paper turns into a blow out.  S. Kilpatrick Elite 8th grade played a uptempo and efficient game against NYC Finest.  SK Elite was led by Ben Lytle & stud Jon Sigurdson.

S. Kilpatrick Elite 8th: 1-0

NYC Finest: 0-2

Gauchos (Williams) defeated Westside Wolves


Gauchos (Williams) defeated the Westside Wolves in a game that was protested by the Westside Wolves.  If the gauchos used ineligible (non middle school) players then this game will be a forfeit.  As of now, the Gauchos were victorious and led by Big Man Kelvin Collado and PG Kenneth Fields

Gauchos Williams: 2-0

Westside Wolves:   0-2

S. Kilpatrick Elite 8th victorious over Greek Freaks


SK Elite 8th won their second contest of the day defeated a new entry (Greek Freaks) by a wide margin.  SK Elite 8th  this game were led by Lucas Orchard & Irv Watkins.  Greek Freeks got a forfeit victory Saturday night against the S2 Sharks. 

S. Kilpatrick Elite 8th: 2-0

Greek Freaks: 1-1

Ball Hoggs Bring the Thunder to the BX Lightning


In their first game of the Real Scout MSI.  The Ball Hoggs defeated the BX Lightning 67-61  In a action packed game, Chris Green was solid around the basket converting on numerous passes and offensive put backs.  Nolan Raymond made the right plays to secure the victory.

Ball Hoggs: 1-0

BX Lightning:0-2

NY Lightning squeaks by Team Uplife


In what was the most competitve game of the day.  NY Lightning got the win over Team Uplife.  Cole Decker, Toby Ojukwa, and Jack Vasquez helped lead the Lightning to a tough 50-45 victory.

NY Lightning: 2-0

Team Uplife: 0-2

Real Scout/Abbo Middle School Invitational Day 3


In the legendary ABBO Gym, two games were on the schedule.  Here are Day 3's out comes.

Sommers & Kennedy lead S. Kilpatrick 7th grade


S. Kilpatrick Elite 7th grade team , made it's way to harlem from westchester and played against a talented Team Uplife.  S. Kilpatrick was able to hold onto a victory with great guard play and timely baskets.  

S. Kilpatrick Elite 7th: 1-0

Team Uplife: 0-1

Riverside Church rebounds from a loss


Riverside Church was able to win comfortably against a young S. Kilpatrick 7th grade team, that was playing a back to back.  Riverside  was led by Guard Ahmir Moore and versatile forward Donovan McCoy.

Riverside Church: 1-1

S. Kilpatrick Elite 7th: 1-1

Real Scout/Abbo Middle School Invitational Day2


Day 2 of Real Scout Middle School Invitational featured some of the top teams in NYC.   Here's the scores from this Sundays Action. 

NY Rens (Green) looking like the tournament favorites


Danny Green's NY Rens team got the victory against a developing Team MG3.  Noah Touissaint played a excellent second half and was awarded the mvp of the game by his teammates and Coach Green.

Gauchos (Croft) gets the win over NYC Finest


Gauchos-Croft (2-0) got the win over NYC Finest by a wide margin.  Croft was led by studs Nas Sullivan & Eric Mejia.  

NY Rens (Artie/Frank) are the real deal


NY Rens (Artie/Frank): 61 (1-0)

Riverside Church: 46 (0-1)

Game MVP's: Joshua Cameron, Blaise New, and Javoy Thompson

D1 Stars play with D1 Heart


D1 Stars: 65 (1-0)

Team CSA: 48 (0-1)

Game MVP's: JJ. Rembert & Aboul Wali Ray

NY Rens Green vs Team MG3


Gauchos Croft vs NYC Finest


NYRens (Artie/Frank) vs Riverside Church


D1 Stars vs Team CSA


Real Scout/Abbo Middle School Invitational Day 1


Real Scout Middle School Invitational Kicked off Friday night at the Frederick Samuel Community Center in Harlem on 144th street & Lenox Avenue.

 Here's  a summary of Friday's action.  

Harris leads Team Abbo to a win


Team Abbo 60   (1-0)

BX Lightning 44   (0-1)

Game MVP: Anthony Harris (Team Abbo)

Gauchos (Croft) beats the S2 Sharks


Gauchos (Croft) 49    (1-0)

S2 Sharks 13              (0-1)

Game MVP: Avant Keith, Johnuel Fland, and Aamyr Sullivan (Gauchos Croft) 

Coming back from down 16, Gauchos (Williams) gets the win over Team Abbo


Gauchos (Williams)  48 (1-0)

Team Abbo 46 (1-1)

Game MVP: Kenneth Fields & 

David Ayenengoye (Gauchos Williams)

Milbank Flyers looking like the Milbank Flyers


Milbank Flyers61 (1-0)

Harkless Elite 36 (0-1)

Game MVP: Jody Frica (Milbank)

Sunday Oct 14th Schedule


144th street and lenox ave

669 Lenox Ave

Team Abbo vs BX Lightning Highlights


Gauchos (Croft) vs S2 Sharks Highlights


Gauchos (Williams) vs Team Abbo


Milbank Flyers vs Moe Harkless Elite Highlights


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